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Medusa Necklace


Image of Medusa Necklace
  • Image of Medusa Necklace

For those of you not familiar with Medusa, she's a monster from Greek mythology. A woman with living venomous snakes for hair. If you look into her eyes you will turn to stone. I'm sorry, but what is more bad ass than that? I've been a Medusa fan since primary school, she's awesome. I'm super excited to finally have made a necklace of her head. Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, who used her head as a weapon because, even though it was not attached to it's body, it would still turn people to stone.

I hope this necklace will turn your enemies to stone...... but I can't guarantee it.

Medusa measures 9cm across and 7.5cm high. She is laser cut from mirrored perspex and only has one layer of perspex making her nice and light.

If you'd like a custom colour please e-mail [email protected]