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Its all about the plastic! Swank is thought of, designed, made and packaged by me, Becky Wignell. From the start I wanted to create bright, statement jewellery which would stand out.

I started Swank in 2005 after finishing a Textile Art degree, needing an outlet for my creativity, I decided to teach myself to make jewellery as it was small enough to make on the kitchen table and people might buy it. I approached a shop in Leeds and on online store and both said yes to stocking my designs! Realising I was on to something, I got myself an Etsy store and the business grew from there.

I started out wanting to make jewellery entirely from pre-used products and made in the UK exclusively. I started out making jewellery from 80s toys, but as the business grew, people who wanted to buy wholesale often wanted a lot of the same design which was very difficult to create from recycled material. I ended up spending most of my time searching for particular types of Lego man rather than designing!

When I learnt to design for laser cutting it was perfect for me. I love plastic and bright colours and the graphic way of designing really suited me. I love that now I can simply draw whatever it is I want on a necklace rather then having to trawl car boot sales to find one!

I am still very much committed to everything being made in the UK, I use a small laser cutting company in the UK, all my packaging is made by small UK companies from recycled materials and I still hand make all the jewellery.

I wholesale to shops across the globe, if you are interested in taking a peek at our catalogue please email me and I'll send it to you, [email protected]